About us

We like the arts in its broadest definition. We value the past while promoting the present. The Friends of Chateau des Cologny Association brings together cultural heritage and contemporary arts, senior experts with emerging talents, dialogue and practice.

Our aims are to protect cultural heritage, to promote visual arts and emerging talents in the arts, to share and enjoy quality foods and, ultimately, to contribute to human development.

Our contribution to the Association is pro-bono.

Here is our international team:
- Curator for visual arts: Charlotte Debraine Molina
- President: Stefanie Burri
- Vice-president: Vittorio Cammarota
- Treasurer: Roman Levchenko
- Events & Outreach: Caroline Linney


Le Château des Cologny
573 Rue de la Mairie
Cessy, France
+33 0640963520